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The Cycle by Betakrogoth The Cycle by Betakrogoth
This commission! Woah! Fuck yeah! Thats Skixal in some Chosen armour and Eclipse!

I've written a story to go with this and its the first time i've done any action in a loooooong time! So please let me know what you think!

This commission is also important because its the first time i've ever shown off any Chosen Tech, that being Skixals armour. Anyway, enjoy!

Done by Toughset!

Eclipse was somewhat pessimistic as she was told who she’d be fighting with by command, the same little bugger she found „lost“ in her room a few months ago, Skixal. He’d been training with the Azuri’s for months now, with absolute dedication too, now it was time to finally test his skills properly. Eclipse was ready to go and waiting in the briefing room with several other Azuri’s, including Muse and Toulyan, who were bickering at each-other as they usually do. For once, she wasn’t in charge of this assault, instead she’d been asked to be a part of the ground force instead. It wasn’t often she got to get right up in peoples faces with that sword of hers and she didn’t want to waste the opportunity. The talking quietened down as the clanking of metal on metal was heard coming down the corridor to the briefing room, the Chosen assault squad accompaning the Azuri’s finally arrived and to her surprise, Skixal was with them. Looking rather impressive in the armour they’d equipped him with. 6 of them in total, including a supplier, 3 standards, Skixal and a heavy ordinance drone too, all in all a fairly normal Chosen squad, aside from Skixal. He was the replacement for the Agile drone that usually fills in the 6th slot of the squad. The Supplier keeps everyone stocked up with ammo and weapons, as well as tending to damages, the Standards make up the bulk the squad with their armour and weapons – the jack of all trades, the Heavy Ord is used for heavy CQC assaults and breaching fortified positions, as well as protecting the supplier from heavy fire and the Agile is the scout and flanker, hitting enemies fast and retreating before they can retaliate, it can approach from unexpected angles and take out key targets, forcing enemy squads out of their positions to get ripped up by the Standards waiting is position with their Demiicore rifles.

Eclipse wasn’t too sure of Skixal’s capabilities, last time they’d met, he was scared of fighting and conflicts, was he really ready in such a short time for a real war? Other details she noted were is change of weapons from normal Agile loadouts. Usually they pack a single SMG with dual pistols as side arms, but Skixal was using dual SMG’s instead, with a single pistol for sidearm. She figured it was because Skixal wouldn’t be as accurate as an Agile, so he’s need to pump more rounds out to achieve the same result, made sense. Muse gave the briefing once the drones had moved in to their positions, they were attacking a DA city that had recently been attacked by the BDA for its resources. With the DA in a weakened position now in that area due to the BDA, it seemed like a good time to strike and wipe their primary drop zone off the planet. Doing so would remove them as a threat and make any tasks done in that area much easier. 3 squads were committed to the assault, both hybrid squads consisting of Azuri’s and Chosen, 12 in total, 6 of each. Making the assault 36 strong. The numbers would seem low, as most assaults have numbers into the 100’s or 1000’s but this being the Azuri’s and Chosen, 36 would be more than enough to sweep and clear the city.

„The Chosen already have scanner drones in orbit and we have the entire area on CSS now, they are completely cut off and revealed in their positions, they don’t even know we’re coming. Once the squads have landed and got their bearings, some of us are splitting off into roaming pairs, the girls in these flanking pairs should already know their partners. Ladies and Bots, lets make this quick aaaaand brutal, theres a DA Royal Captain down there and theres bonus points for bringing her head back, doesn’t even have to be in one piece. Any questions?“ Aside from Toulyan, everyone remained silent.

„Do i get to sleep with Scaarth if i bring back the bitches head?“ She chirped cheekily, Muses reply being the raise of her middle finger, elicting a grin from Toulyan.

„Right, into your drop sections, we deploy in 20.“ The Azuri’s nodding together and running off to their assigned door in the briefing room, each leading to a small drop section, a room that has an openable floor to allow the Azuri’s to drop directly down. Being as tough as they are, they don’t actually require the use of drop pods to land from orbit, although they do sometimes use jets to soften their landing, only to stop them destroying the surrounding area on impact. The walls of the drop section are lined with the assigned persons equipment, gun racks, armour shelves, equipment racks, its all hanging up ready. So you just get armed and then drop straight into combat. Eclipse made her way to her drop section, the thick metal air locked door opening with a hiss, she began sorting through her weapons, her usual blade was sitting there ready for her but she needed a ranged weapon too, knowing that she was roaming and thus would be in short ranged fights she settled on an assault blaster, good for punching through thick armour but short ranged. As she loaded it, clacking the shells into the clip, a screen flickered on in front of her and Skixals helmet appeared on the display.

„You ready Skixal?“ She asked, still loading the weapon.

„Yes Ma’am.“ He replied, voice surprisingly steady considering it was Skixal, he was usually quite quivery.

„Not planning on fucking this up and getting yourself killed?“

„No Ma’am.“

„Good. You know you’re roaming with me right? Know what that intails?“

„Yes Ma’am. You’ll be my heavy hitter and i’ll keep your flanks covered. We move fast and we hit hard.“

„Correct. Thats good. Why two smg’s Skixal? Primary Agile loadout consists of a single smg and two pistols.“

„Because I want to make sure that my targets die before i phase warp to the next, best way to guarenette that is to double the amount of bullets inside them.“

„Huh... Not bad. See you on the ground.“

„Yes Ma’am“

The screen flickered off and Eclipse was left somewhat amused. He seemed to know his stuff, although was he really capable of phase warping now? If so then he’d certainly be impressive to watch if he could do it properly and that would give him an advantage over the Agiles too. Whatever the case was, the count down was approaching and the time was nearly at hand. She strapped her sword securely to her back and grabbed her gun, attaching as many spare clips as she could do her belt. This part was many Azuri’s favourite part of any mission, Eclipse included. The tension of awaiting the drop, the rush of the orbital freefall, getting a birds eye view of the battle field, having limited time to take in as much info as possible and then slamming into the ground below.

As the final seconds counted down, Eclipse took her position on the central platform and readied herself, stretching her legs out a bit and shaking her hair loose. The robot buzzer sounded and prompted the release of the doors below her, the sudden blast of air rushing through her hair and between her ears as she began the free fall, icey cold winds whistling past her as she took in as much information about the battlefield below as possible. She flattened her body out to slow her desent and was greeted by a howling Toulyan who was nose diving past her in a super hero pose, screaming her tits off in righteous fury as she plummeted to the ground below, that massive hair of hers looking similar to a giant cape rather fittingly. The Chosen units didn't drop down, instead they were teleported to add in another form of shock tactic. Azuri’s drop the from sky, acting as living kinetic bombs and the Chosen teleport in whilst the enemy is still shell shocked for quicker and more effective insertion.

Toulyan hit the ground way before anyone else and impacted loud enough to be heard by everyone dropping on, she sprinted out from the kicked up dust and leapt up to the top of a building near by, prepping her slinging fork to begin hurling the 100kg onxy weights she throws. As the ground rapid approached Eclipse, she rolled backwards until we was more upright again and slammed into the floor with an earth shattering impact, landing close enough to a BDA squad to outright kill 3 of them and stun the other 5 off their feet, to which she stood up straight and unleashed a volley of rounds at the survivors, blowing chunks of armour and flesh against the wall behind them with the loud thumping of each round being fired from her weapon echoing loudly. A gunship flew overhead the building they were just splattered against and opened fire with its missiles on Eclipse, before should could fire back though, an onyx weight slammed into the craft and tore its hull apart, igniting the fuel tanks and tearing out the back of the gunship, smashing into a another building behind that, spraying glass, armour and concrete into the air with a near deafening kinetic impact. It leaving a trail of shattered and melted armour floating through the air as it rocketed past. The ruined craft was thrown backwards from the force of the weight and as its fuel tanks oozed lashes of flaming whip like spillages, it crashed and exploded, burying the recently deceased squad with it.

„NEXT!“ Toulyan bellowed from atop her vantage point. Clearly loving her role and the destruction she just caused. Eclipse turned and blew a quick kiss to Toulyan in thanks who in turn slapped her meaty rump, winked back and responded. „You know it babe.“. After their short interaction though she continued to survey the area and hurl her kinetic artillery at whoever dared to move in her detection range, the foundation splitting thundering roar of their impact being heard across the entire city.

„This is why we don’t need artillery, we have Slingers like her...“ Eclipse thought to herself, before making her way through the heavily damaged street to where Skixal was supposed to be. She encountered little resistance as she made her way through, it seemed like most of the DA in this area was already dead and the BDA had just been crushed right this second. As she approached the end of the street, a couple of Chosen standard drones were firing upon a DA squad holed up in a building, it would appear that the soldiers inside were pinned down by the Standards and the Heavy ord drone was closing the distance down the street, moving in huge and heavy strides and readying its shotgun, shoulder barging through the boarded up door and disappearing from her line on sight, although the frightening loud crack of its gun was heard multiple times. After the final round was fired, the Standards begun moving up the street, informed by the heavy ord of the DA squads demise at its own hands. As they started to move up though, they suddenly swung around and dived to the floor, aiming their weapons just behind Eclipse who was catching on to what was happening.



The self rightous cackles of a BDA squad jet packing out of a 2nd story window and trying to bear down upon Eclipse were met with a volley of armour shredding Demiicore rounds, bursting through their thick metal plates protecting their chest, causing 2 heavy and punctured corpses to thud onto the floor. A row of guns emerged from the ground floor windows as the rest of squad joined the fight, a little slow to help their deceased comrades, but joining the fight none the less.

Eclipse dashed forward, drawing her sword out and slicing at the front of building, through the support pillars between the windows to grant her access. The BDA squad soon discovered that their weapons did not have the required power to wound an Azuri as their bullets dull-ly bounced off her thick skin, an under slung fired grenade simply being ignored by her as she sliced and cleaved through their mid sections with her blade. Soon enough the squad was slain, blood splattered and dripping throughout the ground floor. Before she could return back to the Chosen squad though, the sound of a firefight breaking out was echoing through the freshly painted rooms, urging Eclipse to go and investigate. She pushed her way through the damaged walls and emerged out to see a black, blue and orange bolt fly through the air, nipping back and forth between two spots several times in less than a second, unleashing a wail of bullets at his aggressors with every pause in his movements.

Eclipse was actually kinda impressed for once, that kind of speed was nearly impossible to pull off without complete concentration but he was doing it, whilst firing, whilst being shot at, whilst recieving orders and updates. With a new found determination and a complusion to not be outdone, she smashed her way out of the buildings front all and opened fire on the approaching BDA squads, Skixal leaping into action now he had his support. More kinetic artilieries rained down from Toulyans position a few blocks away, pounding at the entrenched postions and opening up spots for Skixal to assault. Eclipse grinned and readied her sword, The battle was only just beginning. And it was going to be a good one.
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